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First with the News!

Readers should be aware that these links will contain information that was correct when they went to press but circumstances may have changed since. Readers should also be aware that links were edited and simplified when the www.churchtown.net website was updated in June 2004. Thank you... and good reading!

20th February 2012

Click here to visit a web site dedicated to Churchtown born Gerard Tierney ...

27th January 2012

Click here to read about the 5th Sean Clarach Commemoration on 27th January at Booneys in Churchtwn.

5th January 2012

Click here to check out a lovely collage of material about the Anderson family who resided at Mount Corbett House. This artwork was created by Cassie Anderson who lives in California. Thank you Cassie. Click here to download low resolution version (195KB) and here for high resolution version (9MB). Also check out this link to another page on this web site for further information on RA Anderson.

2nd January 2012

On 31/12/2011 a black spaniel type female dog was found in the Templemary area. Advertisements have been placed in the newsagents in Buttevant, the Guards have been checked and notices were placed on on Munster Lost and Found. Please ring Ivanna at 086 403 7062 for further information.

1st January 2012

Have a look at the Ballyhoura Apple Farm web site which is located at
Clashganniv just outside the village of Churchtown. Click here.

31st December 2011

Happy New Year to all. Click here to see the New Year ringing in at Boss Murphy's.

21st December 2011

Boss Murphy's is now on Facebook as well as on this site. Click here to go to web site and here to go to the Facebook page.

6th December 2011

See Churchtown's National School web site by clicking here.

5th December 2011

Click here to read about the 100th anniversary of William Boss Murphy which occurs on Sunday 11th December 2011.

22nd November 2011

We have been off line for quite a while but we are back with a really wonderful biography of Gearóid Ó Tighearnaigh (Gerry Tierney) who was born in Churchtown on 7th February 1923. Click here to download a profile of one of Churchtown's greatest sons.

8th October 2010

Please click here to listen to the Ballad of Churchtown by Fran Stone

23rd August 2010

While there is nothing like the real thing - a hard copy of The Annals - you can now buy a digital copy by clicking here.

22nd June 2010

Click here to read about two big events taking place on 27th June 2010 ... A book by Denis J Hickey on Fr Michael Tierney and the unveling of a plaque to honour Ina Bowe MBE

24th May 2010

Click here to read about Market House Group ...

11th May 2010

Click here to link to a very interesting history of the Perceval family with references to Bruhenny and Walshestown ...

30th July 2009

John ands Geraldine Buckley from Templeconnell Churchtown have just completed a renovation of a 350 Year old Coach house on their farm for letting for self catering. It can be viewed on www.templeconnellcoachhouse.com or call +353 (0)87 2530 728.

7th Juy 2009

Click here to read about Robert A Anderson plaque unveiling ...

22nd April 2009

Father David O'Regan (85) from Doneraile has written to us sharing some memories about Churchtown people ... a few names he remember....Paddy Spratt who had a horse driven hearse which his uncle Dixie Shea used to hire (he was an undertaker), the Eddery family and Vincent O'Brien. Click here to read Fr David's memories of Doneraile ... you will need to go to the section on the web site where Fr O'Brien's memories are reproduced.

18th April 2009

Click here to download a large Adobe file (1.9MB) which is an edited version of the presentation that all visitors to Market House are subjected to when they visit!
This file is converted from PPT to Adobe to make it easier to download.

13th April 2009

Click here to read about Churchtown's own Tasty Bite.

9th April 2009

Ballyhoura Community Radio is on the internet ... live! Check it out at www.bcradio.ie. First internet broadcast will take place at 5pm on 10th April 2009. Chairman of the CDA, Willie Duggan, has his own show on Ballyhoura Community Radio. His next show is at 8pm on Sunday 2nd May 2009.

5th April 2009

Click here to download a really positive article from the Limerick Leader 28th March 2009 about Churchtown.
Many thanks to Diarmuid McSweeney and Ina Bourke who both spotted this article and copied it to us.

22nd March 2008

Churchtown is where it is because of the power of positivity. In these more challenging times we all need to be much more positive. Churchtown Village Renewal Trust supports Aileen O'Toole's IDEAS CAMPAIGH and we encourage all our site visitors to visit the web site http://www.ideascampaign.ie/ and add your support and ideas. Click here for more details on the Ideas Campaign.

17th March 2009

If you do not have high speed broadband then pause || when downloading these vidoes so your computer can buffer the feed.

Click here to see St Patrick's Day Parade in Churchtown
(4 minutes)

Click here to see Bill Egan playing in Boss Murphy's on St Patrick's Day 2009
(2 minutes long)

Click here to view Ballyhoura Ramblers Float at St Patrick's Day Parade 2009
(30 seconds)

Click here to see Dinny Hawe playing at Boss Murphy's on St Patrick's Day (90 seconds)

10th March 2009

Click here to read about Willie Relihan's new CD Hills of Home ...

17th February 2009

Check out all Churchtown's entries in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. Click here ...

9th February 2009

Read all about the Windmill Nursing Home and Retirement Village. Click here ...

16th January 2009

News reaches us of the death of Jack Relihan RIP in England. Click here for further details.

6th January 2009

See a new picture of a Churchtown National School Class ... click here ... maybe you can email us the names of some of the students.

Happy New Year.

6th October 2008

Click here to read an "Ode to Bill Egan" (on the celebration of his 65th birthday).

26th June 2008

Click here to read an update on The Churchtown Tiger!

20th April 2008

Click here to go to a new site that records Death Notices ...

26th March 2008

Congratulations to the St Patrick's Day parade committee for another wonderful event in the village.

18th January 2008

Please check up on the Churchtown GAA web page and see new downloads about the proposed new Sports Hall and Hurling Alley ... well worth viewing.

4th January 2008

Happy New Year! Click here to read an excerpt relating to Vincent O'Brien from an article by Plunkett Carter on Cork's great sporting heroes which appeared in the Evening Echo on December 31st 2008.

27th December 2007

Click here to see many Churchtown slide shows... [courtesy of youtube].

28th November 2007

Click here to to read about Churchtown person being nominated for Cork Business Person of the Year 2007 ...

27th November 2007

Click here to see archive pictures from the O'Keeffe family ...

18th November 2007

Click here to see a picture from the early 1970s at the launch of Denlen Electronics in the village...

3rd November 2007

Click here to read all about the new housing development at Earls Court ...

30th October 2007

Click here to read about how Willie Relihan is lending support to Liscarroll Handball Club ...

22nd October 2007

Click here to link to YouTube and clips from Churchtown from the Cork Car Rally (broadband will help!)

15th October 2007

Click here to read about Marie Roche's return to Churchtown ...

13th August 2007

Click here to view some pictures taken by Dominic Lee on 8th August 2007 ...

10th August 2007

An apple a day keeps the doctor away .... click here for an update on developments at Clashganniv!

24th July 2007

Click here to link to the Kavanagh Family Coolmore Photo Archive ...

18th June 2007

Click here to see Stuart McGrath's gold leafing craftmanship at Churchtown ...

26th May 2007

You can now check for references in "The Annals of Churchtown" by clicking here. There are over 5,500 references indexed.
Good researching!

18th December 2006

Click here for short review of parish progress ...

12th December 2006

Freemount mans wins House in Churchtown GAA Draw/ Click here for the full story.

2nd December 2006

Click here to see some pictures taken to mark the last week of Churchtown GAA's Win a House Members Lottery...

27th November 2006

Click here for latest update on GAA House Draw ...

3rd October 2006

Click here for an update on the Churchtown GAA www.2winahouse.net members Lottery

4th September 2006

Click here to read a full report of the Churchtown Development Association's End of Summer Festival 2006.

29th August 2006

Click here to read about a school re-union on 23rd August 2006 to welcome home Denis Pat Costelloe.

30th May 2006

Click here for update on date for House lottery by Churchtown GAA.

2nd March 2006

Click here for update on date for House lottery by Churchtown GAA.

Click here to read today's Irish Examiner article about Churchtown and FÁS.

10th December 2005

Click here to read what Noel Linehan, Gerry Murphy and Denis Hickey had to say at the launch of The Annals of Churchtown.

3rd December 2005

Click here to see who won the 5 bonus memberships in Churchtown GAA's www.2winahouse.net promotion.

6th November 2005

Click here for a fully updated report on The Annals of Churchtown to be published on 10th December 2005.

16th October 2005

Click here to read what Maria Condon in California has to say ...

30th September 2005

Surfacing at Bruhenny 18 to 35 completed and entrance to Woodview improved.

26th September 2005

Click here to read about progress on our parish book called 'The Annals of Churchtown' due out this Christmas after seven years work.

24th May 2005

See Rose O'Brien's memories added today ...

16th April 2005.

Click here to read about two addition names - Michael Stack and Michael Regan - added to our "Lest we forget" page.

29th March 2005.

We are making great progress on "The Annals of Churchtown" and hope to have it published in September 2005. The book will run to over 600 pages. If you have any old pictures you think might add to the publication please click here to email details ...

29th March 2005.

Unfortunately our database of subscribers was deleted when we changed servers and we cannot resurrect it. In the circumstances we have decided to discontunue this service. You can still keep up to date by loggin on regularly. Thank you.

8th March 2005.

Click here to read about for a poignant reminder of the "Troubles" in Churchtown.

Click here to read about the Hedge School commemoration organised by Noel Linehan last August (better late than never!)

Click here for a report on Junior Hurling Championship Victory in 2004

20th February 2005

We have we been? Very very busy working on the GAA's www.2winahouse.net and other projects but we are sorting ourselves out and will be back with the news soon. Thank you for your patience ...

20th June 2004

Find out why we are so busy. Click here!

23rd April 2004

Click here for an update from Churchtown GAA.

20th March 2004.

On 4th March 2004 Gerry Murphy as the sole shareholder sold his entire equity interest in Boss Murphy Bars Ltd. Click here to read more about the sale of Boss Murphy's...

29th November 2003.

Click here to see the famous 1961 Churchtown GAA Juvenile Hurling championship team.

11th December 2003.

Click here to read about the of launch of The Boss Murphy Musical Legacy book on
11th December 2003 at The Village Inn in Churchtown.

24th November 2003.

Our primary school principal, Gerard Linehan is taking up a new position as
Principal of Boherbue Primary School on January 7th 2004. We wish him well
in his new appointment. Click here to read about our Primary School.

23rd November 2003.

Click here to link to today's Sunday "Observer" and read about Sean Walsh's
Bloom - the film based on James Joyce's Ulysses and where Gerry Murphy
acted as executive producer.

8th November 2003.

Click here to see what boys are back in town!

25th October 2003.

November Bank Holiday Weekend. See a selection of 4x4 vehicles visiting
Churchtown for the weekend. Click here ...

21st October 2003.

Sorry it took so long but finally some pictures from the wonderful O'Sullivan Beare
weekend in the village last August. Click here...